Digital & Alarm Units

    The FG-NET digital unit is the fruit of the latest developped liquid leak detection and location panel. It has a user-friendly touch screen interface; the interactive floor plans can be stored and shown in the screen. It is designed to be used with all TTK digital sense cables.


    The FG-SYS digital unit is designed to be used with TTK digital liquid sensing cables FG-EC, FG-ECS (with FG-DTCS box), FG-AC and FG-HC2. The presence of a liquid on the sensing cable activates a luminous and audible alarm, displays the localization of the initial point of the leak to the nearest metre.


    The FG-ALS Alarm Location System is designed to be used with TTK two kinds of analogue sense cables: random FG-ECS, FG-ACS and pre-connected cables: FG-ECX, FG-ACX, to allow immediate detection of liquid (water, acid or base). 3 luminescent electro diodes and a LCD display on the front board indicate presence of power supply (green), leak detection (red) and cablebreak (yellow). In operation, the green diode is on.


    The FG-A alarm unit is designed to be used with TTK analogue liquid sensing cables FG-ECS, FG-ECX, FG-ACX, FG-ACS or FG-HC2, it detects leaks without precise location.