Norms and Certificates

    TTK product meets the requirements of the Equirement Safety Law and was tested according to IEC 61010-1/A2: 1995


    In Europe, equipment which is for use in or intended to be connected to equipment used in a potentially explosive atmosphere is required to be of a specific design such as flameproof, increased safety, intrinsically safe, etc.
    TTK has obtained the ATEX standard.


    UL stands for safety.
    Products marked with UL ensure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, improve quality and market products and services.
    TTK whole FG-SYS system is UL Listed.


    The CE Marking is a marking which signifies Declaration by the Responsible Party (usually the manufacturer) that a product is compliant with all appropriate European Union New Approach Directives, such as the ATEX, Low Voltage, EMC and Machinery Directives.
    TTK products are CE marked.

    NFPA 262 (or UL 910)

    The FG-AC sensing cable is certificated by NFPA (known as UL 910) since 2007.
    (NFPA: National Fire Protection Association)

    EMC - ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

    TTK products are comply to the following certification standards:
    EN50081-1 (92) for the EMC emissions
    EN50082-1 (92) for the EMC immunity

    LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen

    FG-EC LSZH and FG-ECS LSZH these 2 kinds of TTK cables are LSZH certificated. Their features of fire, smoke and toxicity performance are fully tested by a third party and the result is totally satisfying.